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Several officers of the league consult before any decision is made.  If the weather is obviously bad on Friday by 10 p.m., the decision will be made at that time and coaches will be contacted by 11 p.m. A notice will also be placed on the web site.

If ice/snow is predicted for Saturday morning, there will be a check of conditions at 5 a.m. and affected vice presidents will be consulted.

A final decision will be made by 5:45 a.m. and an attempt will be made to call the coaches of schools registered for the tournament.  We’ll also post an announcement on the WACFL website at www.wacfl.org.  Also, pay close attention to news announcements of closings/delays that affect the host school’s district.  If a host's school district cancels activities for that Saturday, then we will not be able to hold the tournament.