Home Registration

WACFL has transitioned to online registration through tabroom.com. Registration for tournaments should be done solely through tabroom.com. If you have any questions regarding specifics of your registration, please contact the appropriate event VP.


When using tabroom.com, be sure to do the following:

  1. Create an account and sign on
  2. Create/link to your school
  3. Join the correct league (Va: Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensic League)
  4. Add students to your roster
  5. Add judges to your roster
  6. Register for the upcoming tournament
  7. Add students and judges to the tournament that you will be attending

Registrations must be completed by 9PM on the Wednesday before the tournament with all information about the students, their events, their divisions, and ALL JUDGES. No additional entries or exchanges of entries will be permitted after the close of Wednesday registration.


Only drops will be permitted on Friday evenings until 7PM. There will be a $10 fine for each late drop after that time.  For the purposes of judge allocation, judges may be dropped if students are dropped before 7PM on Friday night. Student drops after the 7PM Friday deadline do NOT relieve your school of its judging obligations.  Judge obligations are based on your school’s registration at the close of the drop period on Friday night. In all events, dropped judges incur a $50 per judge fine after the close of the drop period on Friday night.


Listed below are special registration procedures and VP contact information for each debate and speech event.

1 Join WACFL's Slack Group
2 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Registration Procedures
3 Policy Debate Registration Procedures
4 Public Forum Debate Registration Procedures
5 Speech Registration Procedures
6 Student Congress Registration Procedures