November 2010 Newsletter Print

November 2010  

Thank You to our Hosts!

Big Thank You's go out to all of our hosts so far this year! All of the coaches, parents, and students at the following schools did a fantastic job hosting -

  • Yorktown
  • Battlefield
  • Potomac Falls
  • Northwestern
  • King George

It goes without saying that without willing host schools, we would not have facilities for competition - Thank you for making all of these tournaments successes!

Membership Form Deadline Has Passed

Thanks to all of the schools that either mailed in or directly submitted forms and fees for membership in WACFL and NCFL.  Forms and fees can still be submitted but must include the 10% late charge. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your paperwork, please contact Roland Burdett.

Tournament Registration Procedures
In November WACFL successfully transitioned to online registration through Registration for future tournaments should be done solely through If you have any questions regarding specifics of your registration, please contact the appropriate event VP. Please note that for the December 11th MEGA tournament, Speech III appears as a separate tournament entry on while the other events (LD III, Policy III, Public Forum III, and Congress III) are grouped together as a tournament. This is being done to facilitate the tabbing process for Speech.

A special note regarding Student Congress – you will see that Congress has a Domestic section, an International section, and an Economic section. The sections correspond to the legislation area for each student, so please register the students in the appropriate section based upon the legislation they will be bringing. If a student would like to be a committee chair, a presiding officer, or is a novice, please indicate as follows after the student’s last name: (P) for presiding officer, (C) for committee chair, and (N) for novice.

Please note that will adhere to the WACFL registration deadlines exactly… so new entries will not be allowed after 9PM on the Wednesday before the tournament and drops will not be accepted after 7PM on the Friday before the tournament.

On behalf of the league officers I would like to say, “Thank you!” for your patience and cooperation during the transition and going forward.


Reminder regarding rules changes approved in October

Just a reminder that as a result of rules revisions approved by WACFL coaches in October, preparation time in Lincoln-Douglas Debate is now four minutes and final focus speeches in Public Forum Debate are now two minutes.

Reminders for the MEGA December Tournament!!!!
December 11th Tournament at Westfield
– The December tournament will be all event areas – Speech, Congress, LD, Policy and Public Forum – so you need to prepare now! This will be a big tournament – your cooperation is appreciated and vital to making the tournament a success. Here are some helpful reminders.

  • Your debate alumni may be back in the area for the holiday and able to help out – network!
  • You must meet your judge commitment/quota in each event separately/independently. For example, you can not indicate the same judge for both Policy and Speech or Congress and LD. A judge can only be entered as a judge in one event area.
  • Judges must be qualified in their event area – if you have questions, please contact the event VP’s.
  • On-site Registration starts at 8AM and ends at 8:30AM. In order to have the tournament run smoothly, do not plan your transportation arrangements to arrive at the tournament site in the ‘nick of time’ at 8:30AM – your team must be registered by 8:30AM or it will be dropped from the tournament.
  • Coaches or the designated adult representatives are responsible for on-site registration – students can not register individually.
  • Students must be supervised/chaperoned by a school-authorized adult for the entire tournament day.

Special Item of Note for the December 11th Tournament –
As in years past, Martha Lee will be collecting monetary donations for SOME (So Others May Eat) - This group feeds those in need in all three of the areas where our schools are and students live, Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Please share in the goodwill of the holiday season and bring a donation for those in need.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to discuss.  Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!


Roberta Hyland