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Written by Paul Bui   
Thursday, 09 December 2010 15:45
To WACFL Coaches:

The registrations for WACFL III at Westfield HS on 12/11/2010 have exceeded all expectations.  The registrations indicate that we'll have about 900 students, and 200 judges, and will need nearly 150 rooms.

The problem is that we just don't have that many rooms available.  Please review your registrations and ensure that entries are correct.  If you have drops please update your entries as soon as you get them.  No late additions or entries will be accepted this weekend.  We need to keep current on the numbers.

Also, several schools still need judges.  There will be no judges available for hire from the League.  Entries without judges as of Friday evening at 7pm must be dropped.

If we are still over-subscribed on Friday night we may need to drop entries from large entries.  We also may need to drop the Impromptu event since it's not an NCFL Event.  We will notify coaches on Friday evening if we need you to drop an entry or if we've eliminated Impromptu.  Please check your email and the website for updates on Friday evening.

Westfield HS has provided us the following information on food at the tournament ....

Bagels, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit and juice

A choice of the omnipresent PIZZA, chic-fila or Moe's only one entrée per.

Westfield Speech and Debate will be selling Chic-fila biscuits $4 (quantities are limited) Bagels $2, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda and juice

PIZZA $2 a slice, $5 meal deal (2 slices, chips and drink).
Chic-fila sandwich and drink $5
Moe's Chicken Burrito (Joey Jr.) and drink $5
Various snacks.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Thank you.
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