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IMPORTANT: Outstanding fees and fines are due (in addition to any metrofinals fees) at Metrofinal Registration. If there are questions, please contact the WACFL Treasurer, Roland Burdett ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


  1. Unlike regular season tournaments, students must be invited to compete in Metro Finals tournaments either through qualifying in their own right at a regular season tournament or by being called up by the event Vice-President.  Qualifying procedures are detailed in the By-Laws (Article V).
  2. All schools, regardless of their WACFL membership dues option, must pay separate fees for each student entry at Metro Finals tournaments.  Fees are $10 per student in Congress, Policy Debate, and Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and $5 per student per entry in Speech.  Note that students may be double-entered in Speech Metro Finals.
  3. Judge requirements are much more stringent for Metro Finals tournaments because of the need for qualified judges and more of them.  Metro Final preliminary rounds often include 2-3 judges and judge requirements are even higher for Metro Finals "out" rounds.  All judges at Metro Finals must have previous experience judging in WACFL.  It is never too early to begin lining up experienced judges.

    Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Judges must be varsity qualified. Varsity division requires 1 judge for every 2 students or fraction thereof. Junior-Varsity division requires 1 judge for every 4 students or fraction thereof.

    Policy Debate - Judges must be varsity qualified. Varsity division requires 1 judge for each policy team. Junior-Varsity division requires 1 judge for every 2 policy teams or fraction thereof.
    Public Forum Debate - If entering any varsity debate teams, then all judges must be varsity qualified. Judges are varsity qualified if they have judged at least one WACFL preliminary Public Forum Debate tournament at the varsity level or if they were Public Forum, Policy, or L-D debaters themselves.  Judges are Junior-Varsity qualified if they judged in at least one WACFL preliminary Public Forum debate tournament in the current year.  Public Forum debate requires 1 judge for every 2 public forums teams or fraction thereof.

    Speech - 1st time judges are not permitted. 1 judge for every 2.5 entries or fraction thereof.

    Student Congress - Must have judged at least 2 WACFL Student Congresses. 1 judge for every 5 students or fraction thereof.

  4. Metro Final tournament format differs from regular season tournaments.  Policy Debate, LD Debate, and Student Congress are all usually two-day tournaments with elimination rounds or (in the case of Congress) metro final sessions.  Speech is a long single-day tournament with four preliminary rounds followed by one championship round.
  5. Specific registration procedures and additional information on Metro Finals tournaments are distributed at the WACFL V tournaments in January/February and posted below at that time.
  6. All coaches should carefully read the appropriate By-Laws sections concerning Metro Finals competition.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions of the event VPs or other officers.

Coaches should be aware that WACFL Metro Final tournaments are significantly different from regular season tournaments.  The following points will help coaches prepare ahead of time.  Please also be sure to consult the WACFL By-Laws for further information on Metro Finals tournaments.

1 Congress Metrofinals Letter
2 Lincoln-Douglas Metrofinals Letter
3 Speech Metrofinals Letter
4 Policy Metrofinals Letter
5 Public Forum Metrofinals Letter