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  1. No use of power plugs in the Extemp Prep Room ... batteries only.   
  2. No connectivity of any kind ... not internet, no IM'ing, no outside servers, no cell phone tethers, etc.   
  3. Students cannot use the computer to prepare speeches ... they can use the computers to search and read, but cannot write speeches or organize their thoughts on the computers.   
  4. Students are prohibited from accessing outlines and speeches prepared prior to their draw time.   
  5. Any student using a computer must be prepared to show prep room or tournament staff what they are accessing at any time.  Any student not providing tournament staff with the information they request may be disqualified.   
  6. There will be several extra Extemp Prep Room monitors.  Students should be aware that they are subject to extensive monitoring of their computer use. 
  7. Students cannot access audio, video, or other multi-media files during preparation time.   
  8. Students cannot use their computers from the time they leave the Extemp Prep Room until they have completed their speech.  Students may take their computers with them to their competition room, or to lunch, but cannot use the computers outside the Prep Room until after their speech is completed.  Any student using the computer in the hallways or classrooms prior to their speech may be disqualified.    
  9. WACFL may put stickers and/or tape on computers to ensure they are not opened or used, or to ensure appropriate owners take their own machines.
  10. WACFL does not assume any liability for the computers.  Students, Parents, and Coaches should be aware that the students are bringing and using the computers at their own risk.
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