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Fall 2010 Coaches' Meeting

Bylaws Proposal to Add Novice Division in Public Forum Debate


Modify Article III, Section H. Public Forum Debate Rules and Procedures to add Novice Division:

Add 6. e.

e. Novice section is open to all grade levels if a student is in his or her first year of Public Forum debate competition or is in his or her second year of Public Forum debate competition and has competed in no more than two WACFL Public Forum debate tournaments in any previous year. Any student finishing in the top six in the Novice section at a preliminary tournament will be permanently ineligible to compete in the Novice section in the future. Any student who has ever qualified to the WACFL Metropolitan Championship tournament in any section of Public Forum debate is ineligible to compete in the Novice division.


Modify Article III, Section H, 16. as indicated below.

16. The Varsity, Junior Varsity, and/or Novice sections can be combined for purposes of running the tournament, if the Vice President of Public Forum Debate determines that the numbers registered in any division justify it. In the event the sections are combined, awards will be given in each division as if they were separate tournaments.



Modify Article III, Section I. Awards to include Novice Division Public Forum Awards at Preliminary Tournaments


Add 1.k.

k. First through sixth place debaters in Novice Public Forum Debate.