Rules for Forming a Docket Print
  1. Committee Meeting (Domestic, Economic, International) 
    • At the beginning of the first session, the different committee chairmen organize a meeting for the purpose of discussing the order of legislation. 
    • The committee should build a consensus concerning the order of legislation but if need be a decision can be put to a majority vote.
  2. Rules Committee 
    • The three (3) committee chairmen meet as the rules committee and determine the order of the complete docket. 
    • The legislation must rotate between the domestic, economic, and international legislation. 
    • In general, the committee chairmen are bound by the vote of their individual committees but they are provided with leeway in the process of negotiating the complete docket to move certain bills from their committee either up or down. 
    • The three (3) members of the Rules Committee should hopefully come to a consensus concerning the order of legislation but if need be a decision can be put to a majority vote.
  3. General Note 
    • Once the final docket has been established by the Rules Committee, the chamber must accept it.  There is no possibility of organizing an alternative competing docket. 
    • Once the legislative day begins, students have the right to amend the docket in order to move legislation or table legislation.